Build Your Own Safety Kit for Holiday Travel

Severe winter weather can spell disaster for the unprepared. Fortunately, you can set up a substantial roadside emergency kit--possibly with stuff you already own.

The season of wind chill factors and slippery roads will be here shortly, and safety experts are advocating preparation.

“You never know what might happen—or what you might need—so it's a good idea to always be prepared,” according to officials from Transport Canada.

Transport Canada recommended items for a basic roadside emergency kit include:

  1. Properly-inflated spare tire and tire pressure gauge
  2. Tire inflator or foam tire sealant
  3. Car jack and lug wrench that fits your vehicle
  4. Jumper cables to restart a dead car battery
  5. One or two 15-minute roadside flares
  6. Reflective warning triangle or cone
  7. Backup power for your cell phone
  8. Bottled water
  9. Flashlight with extra batteries
  10. First aid kit including large bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, and scissors
  11. Work gloves, small garden shovel if traveling in snowy climates
  12. Duct tape, 50-foot rope and utility knife
  13. A quart of motor oil
  14. Multipurpose plastic funnel for radiator overflow tank, oil reservoir and gas tank
  15. Plastic sheeting or plastic tarp
  16. Energy bars or other shelf-stable food
  17. Appropriate seasonal items such as blankets, tire chains and ice scraper
  18. Nylon duffle to carry emergency items